Clean Soil, Inc.

Clean Soil, Inc. is currently a Nevada Corporation that was founded in 1994, and re-established as an S-Corp in June 2011 with a primary focus of mineral and oil recovery. The company has a broad scientific base, conducting studies in geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, and engineering geology in fifteen states and Mexico. The Environmental Division of Clean Soil has completed more than 1,200 site investigations, including subsurface and groundwater investigations of numerous Superfund sites, cleanups of Brownfields, and conversion of environmentally-challenged commercial properties into residential subdivisions. The Exploration Division of Clean Soil has recently provided analysis of geological and geophysical data related to oil and gas fields in Oklahoma and Texas, resulting in geological reports that defined more than one hundred oil and gas prospects in those two states. In the past, prospects in Alaska and offshore Pensacola, Florida have led to oil field discoveries. In addition, Clean Soil, Inc. has recently been consulted on gold mining prospects in Arizona, South Carolina, and California.

Gold Mining

Oil Recovery